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Razor Sharp is a mobile sharpening service, specializing in convex beauty shears of all types and brands. Including both Japanese and German style, Curved shears, texturizers, thinners, and lefties.  The sharpening is done right in the salon which saves you time and money.  Beauty shears get slightly duller with every haircut, so after a few months they need to be re-honed to bring back that perfect edge.  Maintaining sharp shears puts much less strain on your hand and wrist and allows you to cut hair in less time.Beauty shears get duller with every haircut so after a few mont All sharpening is done by, Shaun, the owner of Razor Sharp.  So you will consistently get the highest quality service, and all work is guaranteed 100%. Shaun is also a certified sharpener with five different scissor companies: Shisato, Mirage, Debut, Yasaka, and Dynasty.

     Razor Sharp is an authorized distributor of a wide variety of
  Japanese style beauty shears.

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