​    If you work in a salon in southern NH, southern ME, or northeast MA you can call 603-892-6118  for an appointment and I will come to your salon.  If you live outside of this area, we offer mail in service.  Simply send your shears plus payment in a padded and insured package to : Razor Sharp 113 Beech Ridge Rd. York, ME 03909 and allow 3-4 days for return shipping. 
    All scissors will be inspected for damage, missing parts or improper previous sharpening.  Missing or damaged parts will be replaced, blades will be cleaned, rebalanced, sharpened, tested, and oiled.  If your convex shears now have a bevel from a previous sharpening or the blade angle change has been removed, in most cases we can bring your shears back to the way they should be.

Scissor Sharpening
Hair Cutting Shears                   $25 per pair
Dog grooming shears                $10/beveled       $15/convex or curved
Household scissors                   $10
Embroidery/Sewing Shears       $10
Fabric shears                            $10
**Mail in service                        $5.00 S&H plus the cost of sharpening

Replacement parts
Washers/O-rings                       $1.00
Bumpers/Silencers                    $1.00    
Finger Rests/Tangs                  $4.00 (Gold or Silver)
Finger inserts                            $1 Each (Assorted colors)     

Shear Sharpening